Top 50 Up and Coming HR Blogs

One of the most important skills to have in today’s world is the ability to manage people and help them settle into a corporate life. Human resources can be an interesting field — and one that is fulfilling for the right kind of person. If you are interested in learning more about HR, you can read one of the many blogs on the subject. Here I offer a list of 50 up and coming HR blogs. Most of them started after January 1, 2010, so they are fairly new. (I might have fudged a little and included a couple from December 2009.) You will find them refreshing, entertaining and informative.

General Human Resources

Learn more about human resources on a basic level. You can also enjoy anecdotes and great blogs that present day in the life sketches of life in the HR field.

  1. 1.00 FTE – Impressions of a Corporate Life: This great blog offers web comics about corporate life and human resources. A great way to get through the day.
  2. China Gorman: This HR professional has been in the field for a long time and has valuable insights.
  3. damon klotz – the HRockstar: Insight on HR, career and more.
  4. HR Schoolhouse: Learn the basics of human resources.
  5. HR Tailgate: Human resources discussions and ideas.
  6. Fast Food HR: A look at human resources from a witty point of view.
  7. HR whY?: This Gen Y guy looks at human resources from a generational viewpoint.
  8. The Edible HR: News bits from around the world of human resources.
  9. Women of HR: Insight, support and commentary on the world of human resources from a woman’s perspective.
  10. HR Soot: Commentary and thoughtful insight into human resources.
  11. H.R. Official: Thoughts on working in human resources, and how you can be the best you can be.
  12. Unconventional HR: Challenge the conventional wisdom with this great HR blog that will have you thinking.
  13. Xtreme Human Resources: Tips, advice and new thinking about human resources. Plenty of interesting information.
  14. NoExcusesHR: Get out there and get it done! An inspiring HR blog.

Recruitment and Talent Management

Find out more about recruiting talented people to your company — and how to manage them properly when they get there.

  1. Fistful of Talent: Insights on recruiting for HR professionals.
  2. Kenexa BLOG: Learn about what makes people want to work for you.
  3. Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog: Find out about recruitment and HR from a U.K. perspective.
  4. Sirona Says: Great advice and ideas when it comes to recruiting top talent.
  5. The Talent Strategy Blog: Learn more about how to use the talent in your company.
  6. HRMexplorer’s Blog: Go on a journey to increase profitability and performance as you learn how to manage the talent at your company.
  7. The Hush Recruiter: Insights, information, ideas and more from a human resources recruiter.
  8. Accidental Entrepreneur: This HR professional consults about how you can be a better manager.
  9. The Recruiting Inferno: A look at recruitment in human resources.
  10. The Whiteboard: Insights into New Zealand’s recruitment industry. An interesting read.
  11. Elevated HR Solutions: Get an idea of how to manage your talent. You want a real return on your people investment, and this blog can help you see how to get it.

Law, Policy and Ethics

HR professionals need to have a good grasp of workplace law and policy, as well as corporate ethics. Here are some great blogs that can help you out.

  1. Work/Life/Law: Insights on corporate law and workplace law from a business immigration lawyer in the U.K.
  2. Employer Training Blog: Deals with workplace issues like taxes, and other policies that might be of interest.
  3. TLNT: Employment policy and issues. Learn about management, benefits and policies that can affect what happens in the human resources department.
  4. HR Mouth of the South: News, commentary, policy and the latest information that affects human resources and employment in Florida. Also applicable in other states.
  5. Cascade Employers Association Blog: Get insight, support and help as you learn about policy, ethics and information related to workplace issues.
  6. Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home: An employment law blog with plenty of insight that HR professionals can use.
  7. Employment Essentials: Helpful labor and employment law blog.
  8. Vorys on Labor: Helpful information for the HR professional.
  9. Work in Progress: Official blog of the Department of Labor.
  10. The FSLA: Helpful resource for HR professionals dealing with the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Anymore, technology is a big part of how we do business. It helps to know about technology, and how to use its tools (including social media) to improve your human resources performance.

  1. Time and Attendance Best Practices: How you can use technology to improve performance and make the business proces more efficient.
  2. Uncommon Perceptions: Learn a little bit more about using technology, marketing and social media to your advantage.
  3. Technology for HR Blog: Learn how to use technology in HR to do your job better.


Great leaders make great HR people. Learn more about developing good leadership skills so that you can help those you work with.

  1. Create Learning Team Building & Leadership Blog: Find out more about team building and leadership.
  2. Passion on Purpose: Develop passion for your work, and those you work with.
  3. Tutto Persona: Learn how to develop a rich life while developing leadership qualities.
  4. Humanity Inc.: Learn about developing yourself and your talents, including leadership talents.
  5. Sam Lloyd’s Personal Development Blog: You can develop yourself, and that will help you become a better leader.

Career Development

As an HR professional, it helps to understand your career choices. Learn how to advance your career, make connections and be a better you.

  1. Water Cooler Wisdom: Alexandra Levit offers you great career advice that can help you in any setting.
  2. Campus to Career: Helpful information and advice about developing your career.
  3. Monster Thinking: Career giant Monster started a new blog.
  4. Jane Has a Job: Interesting and insightful career advice, hints and more from this savvy — and sometimes sassy — blog.
  5. InterviewIQ: Helpful advice on job hunting. Great if you are looking to advance your career in HR.
  6. The Virtual Cooler: Career insights, as well as information on jobs and recruiting.
  7. Classy Career Girl: Career planning and advice. Includes information on, well, how to be classy as you climb the corporate ladder.
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