PhD in HR Scholarships and Grants

Are you interested in furthering your education in the human resources (HR) field? If so, consider a PhD in HR program. While earning this advanced degree can lead to high-paying jobs, college courses can be extremely expensive. For student who need help going to school, scholarships and grants can make education possible. Let’s talk about the differences between these two forms of financial aid and where you can find the funds if you want to get your PhD in HR.

Scholarships versus Grants

Scholarships and grants are both available to students across the country from colleges, government departments, and private sources like organizations and companies. Both are “free” – they don’t have to be repaid after you graduate as is the case with student loans. Scholarships are typically awarded based on merit. Many require an essay of some sort, as well as special skills in your field and a high GPA. At the PhD level, scholarships are rare, but you can instead find fellowship opportunities, which are essentially the same thing but require some kind of commitment on your part, such as serving as a teaching assistant. Grants, on the other hand, are available to students who prove financial needs. As an undergrad, you may have received the federal Pell Grant if your family met income requirements, and as a PhD student, you can apply for different grants, some to cover the cost of your tuition and others to cover specific research projects you want to complete while in school.

Where to Find PhD in HR Scholarships and Grants

Ready to start applying for PhD in HR scholarships and grants? Along with your college, here are some sources for this kind of financial aid for students:

  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • National Science Foundation
  • International Public Management Association for Human Resources
  • National Academy of Human Resources
  • Library of Congress

Keep in mind that some employers also offer financial aid for their employers. So, if you’re already working in the human resources field, check out company policy – you might be able to get your tuition costs reimbursed by committed to continuing to work for your company.


Online PhD in HR Degrees

Walden University
DBA in HR Mgmt
MS in HR Mgmt

Walden University -- Walden University's DBA in Human Resources Management and MS in Human Resources Management prepare leaders to navigate today's global economy. No business is an island, and having a foundation in legalities, leadership principles, and communication have never been more vitally important.

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Northcentral University
PhD in HR Management
DBA in HR Management

Northcentral University -- Northcentral University's PhD in Business Administration with a concentration on HR management (DBA in HR Management also available) focuses on HR Information Systems, staffing strategies, professional development, cultural diversity, labor relations and legal issues, ensuring that graduates can handle any and every situation. A foundation in human behavior within organizations is the base on which all other practical knowledge is built.

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