Average Salary with a PhD in HR

Human resources, or HR, is a great field if you’re interested in management and like working with people. A PhD is the highest degree you can earn if you want to work in HR, and by going back to school for this degree, you’ll qualify for some of the top-paying jobs in the HR field. Just how much can you earn? Let’s take a look at average salary available to those with PhDs in HR.

PhD in HR Salary by Job Title

The amount of money you can make working in the HR field depends on several factors, including the exact position you’re pursuing. In an entry-level position in this field, you can expect to make $32,000 – $46,000 annually, while jobs at the leadership and strategy level can earn over $100,000 a year. With a PhD, more jobs will be open to you, since you have a specialized education, so you might want to consider some of the following jobs (source BLS.gov):

  • Administrative Services Managers: $86,110
  • HR Manager: $104,440
  • Training and Development Specialists: $58,210
  • Training and Development Managers: $102,640
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers: $111,430
  • Job Analysis Specialists: $60,850

With a PhD in this field, you can also go into education, teaching others about the field of human resources as a professor or other educational professional. In these roles, you can easily earn a six-figure salary.

PhD in HR by Location

One of the factors that affects your salary as an HR professional is location. In general, you can earn more if you live in a city, though cost of living in these areas is usually higher in these areas as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top-paying states for human resource managers are:

  • New Jersey: $150,400
  • District of Columbia: $145,910
  • Rhode Island: $139,330
  • New York: $137,670
  • Delaware: $137,480

You can earn a high salary in many cities across the country; as of 2008, the top-paying jobs for HR managers were found in San Jose, Wilmington, San Francisco, Oakland, and Newark.

Other Factors Affecting Salary

If you have a PhD in HR, other factors could affect your salary as well. These factors include your experience as an HR worker, the type of employer who hires you, the number of people you manage, and more.

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