25 Human Resources Gurus Worth a Follow on Twitter

Keeping up with business is so much easier with Twitter. Twitter makes it easy to follow the people that can really help you learn what you need to know. Twitter gives you a lot of convenience because tweets are delivered right to your phone. This allows you to keep up with information while you’re on the go.

One of the industries with the best representation on Twitter is the Human Resources and recruiting. This industry is well represented by consultants and recruiters, as well as HR executives and writers. Here are 25 human resources gurus we think you’ll want to follow on Twitter.

    Dave Ulrich: Ulrich is part of the RBL Group, and is one of the country’s most well known HR professionals. He has many speaking engagements throughout the year where he gives advice to other HR professionals.
  1. Lynda Gratton: Gratton teaches human resources strategies worldwide. She is also a published author and widely recognized speaker. Her tweets give you some tidbits that will really make you think.
  2. Kevin Martin: Martin is a human capital strategist.
  3. Lisa Rowan: Martin is Director of Talent Resources at IDC.
  4. Jonathan Goodman: Goodman is in marketing services for HR and Senior Care vendors.
  5. William Tincup: Tincup is an HR vendor, consultant and blogger.
  6. Lori Dernavich: Dernavich is a consultant in the HR industry. She calls herself a culture change advisor.
  7. David Vanheukelom: Vanheukelom is President and CEO of Vana Workforce, a successful human resources consulting firm.
  8. Kevin Wheeler: Wheeler writes about talent management strategies.
  9. Gerry Crispin: Crispin is an HR guru and calls himself a lifelong student of staffing.
  10. Jerome Ternynck: Ternynck is the CEO of Smartrecruiters and a recruiting guru.
  11. Karen Beaman: Beaman is the CEO of a leading global human resources consulting firm.
  12. Mark Stelzner: Stelzner is an HR and recruiting guru.
  13. David Perry: Perry is an executive recruiter from Ottawa, Canada.
  14. Trina Wardell: Wardell is a recruiter at Einstein’s.
  15. Lisa Rosendahl: Rosendahl is an HR writer and director and the co-founder of Women of HR. This is a multi-contributor blog that focuses on the needs of women in the human resources industry. The blog offers lots of great articles and links every single month.
  16. April Kunzel: Kunzel is an up and coming HR guru.
  17. Scott Ryan: Ryan is an HR and recruiting guru.
  18. Pam Crouch: Crouch is an engineering recruiter working in Florida and DC.
  19. Tim Gardner: Gardner is an HR guru with a specialty in organizational design.
  20. Benjamin McCall: Benjamin McCall is a trainer and blogger in the HR and training arenas.
  21. Jason Lauritsen: Lauritsen is a widely published human resources writer and speaker.
  22. Sue Meisinger: Sue Meisinger is a columnist and is the former CEO of SHRM. These days she mostly writes, but she was first an accomplished HR executive.
  23. Steve Harrison: Harrison is an accomplished HR professional. He is also a blogger about the HR business.
  24. Eric Winegardner: Winegardner is an executive in the recruiting industry, based in Cincinnati.

By following these and other human resources professionals on Twitter, you can get some great advice and learn more about the human resources industry. You can also find out about conferences, seminars and presentations in advance so that you can attend events that can help you in your career.

Twitter is a great way to keep up with lots of different people. And, when you follow the tweets of people who can really make an impact on your career, you can learn things every day that can help you excel and grow in your career. Be sure to follow these human resources gurus on Twitter and look for others that can help you improve your skills and your knowledge.

Once you start using Twitter, you’re sure to find that it enriches your personal and your business life. There are so many things you can learn by following the tweets of so many different kinds of people.

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