19 Essential Web Applications for HR Professionals

Today’s HR professionals have more tools than ever in their arsenals. Between software and web applications, HR professionals need never be lacking in tools of the trade. Here are 19 web applications that every Human Resources professional can use.

Computer Web Apps

  1. Orange HRM: This is one of the most popular leading open source HRM solutions for small and medium sized enterprises. Their software provides a flexible and easy to use HRM system affordable for any company worldwide.
  2. Jobscience: Jobscience is a human capital management solution that has been around since 1999. They provide a full suite of web-based products and services that meet the needs of any sized business across any industry.
  3. Open Applicant: Open Applicant is an applicant tracking and candidate assessment tool available to the public. It is used by many different sized companies to track job candidates.
  4. RAMCO Human Capital Management: RAMCO is a human capital management tool that can follow employees through their entire life cycles.
  5. Star Tracka: Star Tracka is a performance and talent management solution that helps employers manage people, and work to engage, motivate, reward and retain them.
  6. Applicant Stack: This is an applicant tracking and erecruitment software for small to mid sized businesses. It helps you automate recruitment and streamline applicant screening. By setting up applicant screening questions for each job interview by job title, you can easily ensure that every interviewer asks the same questions and rates candidates based on the same criteria.
  7. StepStone Solutions: This is one of the leading online performance management solutions. It is widely used worldwide.
  8. Sage: Sage is one of the leading HR and payroll management systems. It is widely used and works well for small and medium sized businesses, up to 1500 employees. Manage time, vacation, overtime and flex time in one easy to use system.
  9. Eazy HRM: This is an all in one solution for managing current employees. It can store your employee information, allow employees to access and update their information, and manage leave, attendance and benefits. There is also a recruitment module and a reporting module.
  10. Softworks: This is a widely used tool for reporting things such as time, attendance, holidays, etc. They have several modules that can be used by small and medium sized businesses.
  11. The Human Equation: The Human Equation offers modules that are industry specific. It is one of the best web applications for medium sized business training around. You can also use the development module to develop your own company specific courses.
  12. Vista HRMS: This system can manage most all of your HR needs including employee information, time and payroll.
  13. Web Time Sheet: This application allows users to track time off, adjust payroll based on overtime calculations, and set up limits for minimum or maximum time submissions.
  14. Time Trex: This application is primarily designed to track time and attendance. There are three levels of the product to support multiple business sizes.

For Your iPhone

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites for job hunters and for HR recruiters. Now you can access it on your iPhone.
  2. Direct Report: This application lets you track and record employee feedback.
  3. Dictionary of HR Management Terms: If you’re new to the HR biz, this app can help you learn the language.
  4. The Influencer: Manage conflict and employee issues better by consulting The Influencer. You’ll learn your personal communication style and how to improve relationships at the office through communicating in that style.
  5. The Interviewer: Improve your interviewing technique and keep track of candidates you’ve interviewed on one handy Iphone app.

Whether you’re a recruiter, responsible for human performance evaluations, or in charge of keeping the time, payroll and benefits for your organization, you can certainly benefit from some, or all of these applications. Small and medium sized businesses can get a wealth of information, support and business applications for their human resource departments just by using some of these well established web applications.

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